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Ranpak systems are very versatile, simple and fast packaging solutions that use Kraft or recycled paper.

Paper is a very flexible packaging material that may be used in various ways; paper has excellent characteristics of absorption when properly used, and it can protect a wide range of products. Paper is also a valid alternative for filling empty voids and it can mantain its shape in the box even when stocked for months.

Ranpak is also the most environmentally-friendly system available: all paper produced by Ranpak comes from sustainable forestry sources (FSC certified), originates from unbleached products and it is biodegradable and 100% recyclable, simplifying waste disposal for the end user.

All the machines can be used in single work stations or integrated into production systems and lines.

DUNA-Corradini does not produce or sell corrugated cardboard boxes

PadPak® is a very versatile paper packaging system, ideal for protection, wrapping, support and fastening. All PadPak® systems are based on the use of a special 2 or 3 layers of paper and a Converter: rolls are placed in the machine that folds and corrugates the paper in order to obtain a special band called “Pad”: light, flexible but very resistant, that can be used to create pillows for a strong padding. The band is then cut on demand.
PadPak® system is particularly designed for industry, distribution and applied logistics.
FillPak® filling material protects fabrications from damages by filling voids inside the box and preventing movement.
FillPak® offers unlimited possibilities both in automatic or manual mode, or as a mobile system for individual workstations characterized by the need for speed and adaptability.
Geami WrapPak® HV is a combination of Kraft paper with a patented expansion system and an inner sheet of tissue paper. The converter Geami WrapPak® HV expands the punched paper in a honeycomb structure for a perfect presentation of your products without the use of adhesive tape, and for a greater stability of the objects inside the box.

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