Reliable, efficient and sustainable on demand packaging solutions

Offering on-demand packaging systems to protect our customers' products, integrating seamlessly into industrial processes and fully respecting the principles of ergonomics and environmental safety. This has been the mission of DUNAPACK®, the DUNA-Corradini Division specialized in the manufacturing and supply of filler and protective packaging systems, since 2004.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of our production site in Soliera (Modena), the long-standing know-how of our R&D Laboratory and the constant collaboration between the technical and sales teams, DUNAPACK® supports industrial companies and logistics operators by supplying excellent, reliable and efficient on-demand packaging systems.

We constantly analyse the state-of-the-art industrial packaging processes and carefully listen to our customers’ needs to create customised designs and innovative solutions to solve the greatest challenges and ensure maximum satisfaction. We are real partners for our customers, not merely suppliers. In addition to the preliminary evaluation of packaging performance and cost, provided by our in-house R&D Laboratory, DUNAPACK® offers qualified assistance and training for the customers’ personnel, delivered directly in situ from our specialised technicians.

DUNAPACK® is also committed to designing customised workstations that integrate perfectly into the customer's production cycle or at the end of the line.

All DUNAPACK® machinery and products are designed and manufactured in-house, inspired by the principles of efficiency, sustainability and ergonomics to ensure maximum productivity and customer satisfaction, while fully respecting the Environment and the quality of workplace.

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