FillPak® TT Cutter

Quick Packaging, ergonomic use

The converter FillPak® TT Cutter transforms single-layer paper to fill a large volume. The converted paper received can be used as an extremely effective filling material.

This filling prevents products from moving inside the box, ensuring the arrival at destination without damage. The machine has an automatic cutting mechanism that eliminates manual tearing and ensures greater operator comfort. Your operations, whether they are for small or large packaging, benefit from this ergonomic solution.

Dimensions Weight Need for compressed air Power Consumption
43x45xh46 cm 10 kg NO 100-230 Volt 150 W

All Ranpak papers come from FSC certified suppliers. The paper is safe for the environment and climate. It is also recyclable and comes from renewable sources.

DUNA-Corradini does not produce or sell corrugated cardboard boxes

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