Technical Assistance

Competence, efficiency and timeliness to customer service

Supplying outstanding and practical products alone is not enough to guarantee full customer satisfaction: providing targeted, effective and punctual consulting and support services is equally important. This is why DUNAPACK® has developed a comprehensive service, designed to accompany the customer through all stages of the selection, installation and daily use of the DUNAPACK® on-demand packaging solutions.

Regardless of the chosen on-demand packaging system (Foam in Place protective systems, Air In Place cushions or Paper in Place packaging), DUNAPACK® ensures timely and constant Technical Support to customers throughout Italy.

During the installation phase, DUNAPACK® specialised technicians visit the customer's plant to set up the machinery and stations, verifying the perfect integration of the packaging system within the production line or at the end of the plant. On this occasion, the DUNAPACK® specialists provide training for operators through on-site demonstrations of the different packaging options and the functionality of machines and accessories. Operators are also given clear instructions on how to clean the machine and carry out routine maintenance operations for the selected packaging system.

DUNAPACK® also provides an accurate maintenance service, consisting of scheduled service interventions, preventive maintenance visits at intervals agreed with the customer to guarantee the perfect operation of machines and systems over time, and special maintenance to ensure production cycle continuity. Through the on-call supplementary service, DUNAPACK® offers customers constant support and ensures maximum speed in response to requests and intervention of specialised technicians where necessary.

A 24/7 support to customers' operators is granted thanks to the video tutorials DUNAPACK® has developed to provide the main operating instructions and illustrate some simple maintenance tasks.

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