Dunapack® Stations

Thanks to DUNAPACK® customized design service, clients can choose the station configuration best suited to their needs

For all three DUNAPACK® on-demand packaging solutions, our Technical Team provides a specialised service of station customized configuration to achieve perfect integration of the system either in-line or at end-of-line, optimise operational processes and guarantee the best working environment possible for operators. To enable maximum stations’ customization, DUNAPACK® proposes a range of optional accessories, developed by analysing the most frequently encountered operational needs and optimised for all three DUNAPACK® packaging lines (Air in Place, Foam in Place and Paper in Place).

The multifunctional workstation is designed to accommodate all the tools and components required for packing procedures, eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary movements. Made of ultra-strong aluminium profiles, each station has a comfortable work surface, is available in two sizes (1500x850mm and 2000x850mm) and various heights (650mm, 800mm and 950mm), and features multiple shelves, dividers and adjustable supports to ensure maximum ergonomics, comfort and efficiency.

Due to its longterm expertise, DUNAPACK® has developed a variety of different configurations, with opposing or side-by-side stations, to maximise the speed, efficiency and practicality of packaging processes. In addition to the standard arrangements equipped with drawers, tilting shelves, mini-silo containers, adjustable monitor supports, scale supports and side tables, DUNAPACK® technicians can customise the complete design of stations with all the necessary accessories.

Convenient trolleys and storage baskets are also available for storing and handling packaging materials. Made of light but strong metal, the trolleys have non-marking synthetic rubber wheels to quickly transport supplies to stations. Thanks to the simple folding or dismantling mechanism, the trolleys not in use can be stored with little warehouse bulk.

Compatible with packaging system Table sizes available Table heights available Main components
Air in Place
Foam in Place
Paper in Place
Drawers and storage compartments
Tilting and dividing shelves
Adjustable supports
Mini-silo container
Adjustable monitor support
Scale support
Side tables
Other accessories on demand

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