PadPak® JR

Excellent protection, convenient use

PadPak® JR turns the double layered paper into cushions to be used as an exceptional padding to protect products of any shape and size during transport. Paper has an unexpected ability to absorb shocks.

Thanks to the use of these cushions, when a box falls to the ground, the G forces have been reduced by up to 90% compared to other materials, keeping the products inside safe from any damage.

The converter is quick, easy to install or move and it requires no specific training.

Dimensions Weight Need for compressed air Power Consumption
80x78xh154 cm 47 kg NO 230 Volt 250 W

All Ranpak papers come from FSC certified suppliers. The paper is safe for the environment and climate. It is also recyclable and comes from renewable sources.

DUNA-Corradini does not produce or sell corrugated cardboard boxes

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