Air in Place


Lightweight, durable and safe, the Air in Place cushions are the ideal on demand packaging for filling voids and securely lock the goods during shipment, preventing the products breakage due to the transmission of transport shocks.

DUNAPACK® offers customers a complete turn-key solutions: the AIP System is composed of a compact machine for on-demand film inflation and air cushion production. The AIP range includes several cushion formats available in 3 different materials to meet different protection needs. The many available accessories and complements are designed to allow perfect integration of the DUNAPACK® system into the customer's production cycle or at the end of the line.

DUNAPACK® provides a specialised consultancy service based on drop tests and comparative cost and performance assessments to support customers in choosing the most suitable packaging for their needs.

To meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging, DUNAPACK® now offers 3 different types of air cushions. In addition to the traditional high-density polyethylene bags, the AIP range is available in TEO film, made of compostable biodegradable vegetable starch and co-polyester, and already OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL certified by TÜV Austria according to TÜV Industrial EN 13432 Regulation, and in the new RIO version, made up of 70% recycled plastic - two solutions combining sustainability and maximum performance.
DUNAPACK® research lately focused on reducing the thickness of cushion films aimed at reducing the consumption of raw materials and plastic: early 2024, we completed the revision of the entire Air in Place range adopting new versions with significantly lower thickness at same protective performance.
What’s more the Sustainability Research embrace all aspects of the Air in Place system: to reduce the environmental impact of packaging transport and handling, for instance, DUNAPACK® decided to switch supply method, from the traditional reels to the convenient ready to inflate reams, doubling the supplied bags’ quantity per package. The recent reduction of film thicknesses has further expanded the capacity of each ream, boosting further supply volumes and efficiency.

Advantages of the AIP system

Providing a machine for air cushion inflation and reams of ready-to-inflate pre-soldered film, DUNAPACK® enables customers to make the packaging as and when it is needed, minimising storage space. A box of reams with just 0.03 m3 volume makes 8 m3 of cushions. The on-demand inflating system and the provision of not-yet-inflated reams allow the film to be protected from dust and heat, guaranteeing its perfect preservation and cleanness over time. With its smart interface, the AIP040 machine is easy to use and can quickly build up a stock sufficient to supply several stations at once.
The Air in Place cushion system makes ultra-lightweight air packaging (now available in even lower thicknesses), that is perfect for minimising the total weight of the box and reducing transport and shipping costs, while still perfectly protecting the product. The on-demand production of the cushions ensures perfect condition and cleanliness, maximum storage efficiency and ease of handling.
AIP cushions are made of high-quality materials that are strong and durable. DUNAPACK® leverages its decennial know-how to offer innovative and high-performance solutions.
The AIP system offers different types of materials, cushion sizes and thicknesses, designed to meet all protection needs and adapt to an array of boxing sizes and shipping methods
The design and creation of customised workstations allow the perfect integration of the DUNAPACK® packaging system within the customer's production line or at its end. The stations’ ergonomics and the low noise AIP040 machine ensure comfort for operators and a liveable working environment
The TEO compostable film and RIO regenerated film represents innovative and environmental-friendly packaging solutions. To minimise the consumption of raw materials and plastics, DUNAPACK® also committed to reduce the thickness of the entire Air in Place range. All our Air In Place cushions are environmental-labelled following the Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020, showing customers the correct way to dispose of the packaging. DUNAPACK® air cushions can be easily reused or disposed of by removing the air inside.

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