Customised design

The broad range of on demand packaging systems pairs with a specialised design service for packaging solutions and workstations customization

DUNAPACK® supports industrial companies and logistics operators through multiple on-demand packaging systems (Air In Place cushions, Paper In Place packaging and Foam In Place protective systems) and a customised design service for packaging solutions and stations. The design consultancy of DUNAPACK® specialised technicians guarantees perfect integration within the customer's plant to the benefit of productivity and efficiency of operations.

To meet the most challenging packaging, handling and shipping requirements, DUNAPACK® makes every year significant technological and training investments in its Research and Development Laboratory and continuously analyses the current industrial packaging processes and any critical issues encountered by its customers. The constant collaboration between R&D technicians, sales team and end customers enables DUNAPACK® to develop customised, reliable and efficient packaging solutions: we can say We are real partners of our customers, not merely suppliers!

Once identified the most suitable packaging system, thanks to the preliminary analyses of packaging performance and costs carried out by the in-house R&D Laboratory, DUNAPACK® undertakes to design customised solutions and stations, inspired by the principles of efficiency, sustainability and ergonomics.
All DUNAPACK® machines are designed for stand-alone operation and can be fitted with accessories to guarantee maximum convenience and speed in the on-demand packaging production and stock management. Each DUNAPACK®STATION features a multifunctional table that can be accessorized and fully customised by the customer in terms of space and equipment configuration. The customized design service is pivotal to ensure the perfect integration of the packaging station within the production line or at the end of the plant, while maximising productivity, convenience and customer satisfaction.

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