PadPak® LC2

The high-speed solution for light protection and complete filling

PadPak® LC is the fastest solution available on the market to create padding with paper cushions. The high efficiency allows for a high volume of packaging. The converter turns single-layer paper into cushions that protect packed items during transport.

Folding paper packs with adhesive bands ensure easy loading on the machine and high-speed operation. The paper pad can be used to protect, block and wrap any type of product.

Dimensions Weight Need for compressed air Power Consumption
83x110xh127-166 cm 100 kg NO 100-230 Volt 830 W

All Ranpak papers come from FSC certified suppliers. The paper is safe for the environment and climate. It is also recyclable and comes from renewable sources.

DUNA-Corradini does not produce or sell corrugated cardboard boxes

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