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Foam in Place is the on-demand polyurethane foam cushion system developed by DUNAPACK® thanks to DUNA-Corradini's decennial know-how in the production of rigid foam: its mission has always been ensuring the protection and securing of the most fragile and heavy goods. The FIP range is designed to meet the needs of efficient and safe shipping of products in manufacturing industry and distribution logistics, for foam packaging when necessary and directly at the packaging station.

DUNAPACK® offers its customers a comprehensive, turnkey packaging solution: the FIP System includes the supply of machines for the on-demand production of protective foam, of convenient reels of film bags and formulated systems to produce packaging cushions. Foam in Place foams are available in different densities and expansion speeds designed to specifically meet various types of goods and production/transport needs.

The Foam in Place protective system is based on the technique of encapsulation: the product is gently wrapped in foam, which adapts to the shape of the object as it expands, guaranteeing perfect adhesion, no voids in the secondary packaging and maximum protection against impact and damage from handling and transport.

DUNAPACK's in-house laboratory also provides a fundamental packaging analysis service, to carry out packaging simulations and drop tests on the customer's products to identify the most suitable packaging system for their specific needs, plus a specialized consultancy service to design the perfect integration of the Foam in Place system within the production line or at the end of the customer's plant.

To respond to the growing demand for sustainability in packaging, in 2024 DUNAPACK® has introduced the new DUNAPACK® BIO range of protective cushions made of polyurethane foam containing up to 60% carbon of vegetable origin, capable of reducing the CO2 emissions of packaging by up to 30% with the same protective performance compared to traditional formulation.


The supply of foaming machines, practical reels of film bags and polyurethane foam formulations allows the customer to produce the packaging when necessary, minimizing warehouse storage space and packaging handling costs, typical of polystyrene and other traditional solutions. The on-demand foaming system and the packing in practical reels allow the film to be protected from dust deposits or heat sources, guaranteeing its perfect preservation and cleanliness over time. The expansion capacity of the foam is up to 280 times the initial volume of the formulation and allows optimization of costs and supply flows.
The polyurethane Foam in Place cushions provide maximum protection and resistance during transport and handling. When expanding, the foam creates a moulded protective shell that gently wraps the product, protects it from impacts and securely locks it in place, thanks to the elimination of voids within the box.
The FIP system offers formulations with multiple densities and expansion speeds to allow the on-demand production of customized cushions that adapt to the various shapes, sizes and weights of the goods to be shipped. Foam cushions are easier and faster to make for operators than other traditional packaging systems.
The specialized DUNAPACK® consulting service enables the selection of the most suitable Foam in Place system for the customer and its perfect integration within the production line or at the end of the customer's plant. To optimize the customer's storage and handling operations and minimize the environmental impact of packaging processes, DUNAPACK® has also developed Mini-storage, an automatic storage and collection system based on practical IBC tanks, with greater capacity, ease of handling and operational safety than traditional drums, and provides a convenient pick-up and washing service for the customer's IBC tanks and drums to regenerate the empty containers of its chemical formulations.
FIP polyurethane foam cushions are made of quality, strong and durable materials. Thanks to the decennial know-how of the parent company DUNA-Corradini and its in-house R&D Laboratory, DUNAPACK® can support its customers with all-round consulting on high-performance and reliable packaging techniques, foams and machines.

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