The Foam in Place packaging system is designed to ensure perfect protection and locking of the most fragile and heavy goods. An on-demand packaging solution that is more practical, versatile and efficient than other traditional systems, such as polystyrene or die-cut preforms.

DUNAPACK® cushions support the safe packaging needs of manufacturers and distribution logistics companies operating in various sectors, thanks to the availability of different dispensing systems and formulations.

  • Lighting, glassware and fragile items: protection of chandeliers, fragile items or glassware, decorative and design elements, being able to gently wrap the product and take on its shape by eliminating voids in the box.
  • Ceramics: safe shipping of pottery and ceramic objects, as well as protection of heavy materials such as tiles and ceramic coverings in all handling and transport steps. Formulations with slowed expansion times make it easier for operators to insert protective packaging into the smaller and more awkward crate perimeter spaces.
  • Automotive, mechanical engineering and manufacturing industries: maximum protection and perfect locking for shipping machinery, mechanical components and spare parts.
  • Household appliances and electronic devices: excellent locking and protection against impact and movement for shipping equipment of all sizes and shapes.

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