The Foam in Place packaging system includes the supply of foaming machines for producing polyurethane foam cushions on demand. Depending on the characteristics of the customer’s goods and operational requirements, DUNAPACK® supports the customer with two different dispensing systems, which allow foam to be produced on demand, directly at the packaging station.

The MD 47 Lean machine allows for the automatic dispensing of pre-sealed cushions already filled with the desired amount of foam, to be placed inside the box so that the expanding foam gently wraps the product and takes its shape, ensuring protection and perfect locking. The MD 47 Lean model has several features including a “tubes” setting for mass pre-production of cushions with an elongated shape that, when placed on the bottom of the package, create a cushioning layer that can absorb impacts and vibrations caused by transport.

The EZ 100 machine, instead, is a direct manual dispensing system designed to lock and protect very bulky or heavy goods inside wooden crates or carton pallets. The PU system is sprayed inside the packaging through the practical dispensing gun and expands to fill the voids and wrap the goods.

In addition to the supply of the machines, DUNAPACK® is committed to supporting the customer through the periodic restocking of PU systems and film reels, the free pick-up service of empty IBC tanks, periodic routine maintenance, training of the customer's operators, as well as extraordinary assistance when necessary.

In order to optimize customer storage and handling operations and minimize the environmental impact of packaging processes, DUNAPACK® has developed the Mini-storage system for the storage and automatic collection of formulations using practical IBC tanks, which are larger, more convenient and safer than traditional drums.

Machine Use Dimensions Weight Specific Functions Need form compressed air Power supply Consumption
MD 47 Lean Automatic dispensing of cushions 100x90x110 cm 195 kg Automatic machine for dispensing foam cushions and pre-forms

Pre-production of continuous tubes module
Yes 380/415 V ac 50 Hz - 16 A 3 ph+N+earth peak 6 kW in the pre-heating step (max. 1 minute)

0.5-1 kW in the operating step (depending on the operating conditions)
EZ100 Manual direct dispensing 90x80x150 cm Pole height 270 cm 135 kg Machine for free manual dispensing No 380/415 V ac 50 Hz 16 A 3 ph+N+earth

220/240 V ac 50 Hz 32 A ph+N+earth
peak 6 kW in the pre-heating step (max. 1 minute)

0.5-1 kW in the operating step (depending on the operating conditions)

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