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DUNAPACK® has developed various machines and accessories for the Air In Place packaging line to offer ergonomic stations meeting the customer's operational requirements. With these accessories, the DUNAPACK® on-demand packaging system can be integrated seamlessly into the customer's production line or end-of-line for fast, simple and efficient operations.

The support stand is designed to accommodate the AIP040 inflating machine, cushion reams and other accessories to ease the packaging procedure, so operators have everything they need easily at hand. The storage basket collects several cushions, once inflated and ready for use. The basket is conveniently fitted with wheels to be easily moved from the cushion inflation point to the packing station so that multiple workstations can be supplied with one machine at the same time.

Among the many accessories available to customise the DUNAPACK® stations, we also find the Silo with overhead inflating machine. Thanks to its height and remarkably compact size, this solution optimises the space available and improves the ergonomics of the station to the benefit of efficiency and operator well-being.

For the processing of NUVOLA multi-bubble cushions and the 400x110 format, DUNAPACK® offers also a winder accessory able to inflate and simultaneously wind the film to transform reams into practical ready-to-use coils. The winder provides a stock of inflated cushions to directly refill several stations at the same time eliminating delays or interruptions in the packing process.

Maximum productivity and yield granted as the air packaging systems can produce large volumes of cushions, in different formats, all incredibly light and effective in protecting the product. A ream of Nuvola film, for instance, can make up to a cushion volume of 2.8 m3, preventing shocks and filling all voids, even inside large boxes.

What’s more the cushion realization is always efficient and safe as the machine can be programmed and features the automatic stop function.

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