AIP 040

The evolution of Air in place

Air In Place is a portable system made by a very simple, economic and compact machinery with pre-cut and welded joint plastic film, to produce air pillows of different dimensions at time of packaging, without the need of compressors or compressed air-systems. Designed to significantly reduce cost of packaging, shipment and labor, the machine produces ultra light pillows filling all unused space inside the box.

The pillows are recyclable and reusable. The film, available in different thicknesses, provides an excellent air retention and resistance and may also be obtained with antistatic qualities.

AIP 040 is the latest model of Air In Place equipment, designed with a simple and immediate interface that offers:

  • Automatic film identification
  • Possibility to schedule production cycles based on time, lenght, number of bags and filling a container (by connecting to a photocell)
  • Possibility to inflate special large “quilt” pillow that guarantees protection even in case of partial breakage

AIP 040 further simplifies the production of bags and offers a complete range of possibilities for perfect packaging with air cushions.

Dimensions Weight Need for compressed air Power Consumption
68x61xh23 cm 14 kg No 220/240Vac 300 W

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