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The Air In Place packaging line offers lightweight, practical and durable cushions available in 4 different materials.

In addition to traditional high-density polyethylene and polyamide polyethylene, the Air in Place range offers two innovative film solutions called TEO and RIO, developed to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging.

Launched in 2018, the TEO film is made of biodegradable and compostable vegetable starch, which can be easily disposed of in the organic collection. The TÜV Industrial UNI EN 13432 certification demonstrates the low environmental impact of this on-demand packaging solution.

The last-born in DUNAPACK® (2022) is the RIO cushion, made of 70% regenerated recycled plastic. This innovative and reliable solution aims at reducing the consumption of virgin plastic material and contributing to the recovery of industrial waste.

The entire AIP range features a new printing compliant with latest eco-labelling regulations (Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020), to provide end-users with clear instructions on the correct way to dispose of the packaging at end-of-life.

All films are supplied in convenient, ready-to-inflate reams, allowing the number of cushions produced per pack to be doubled and reducing costs and environmental impact of packaging transport and handling.

Film name Material composition Certifications and sustainability Thickness Available sizes
AIP HDPE (Polietilene alta densità) Printing with eco-labelling (Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020) 22µm
AIP - Nuvola PA-PE multistrato (Polietilene e poliammide) Printing with eco-labelling (Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020) 25µm 400x270
TEO PLA (amido vegetale fermentato compostabile e riciclabile) OK COMPOST TUV INDUSTRIAL UNI EN 13432
Printing with eco-labelling (Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020)
30µm 200x110
RIO rLDPE (Polielitene 70% riciclato) Printing with eco-labelling (Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020) 22µm 200x110

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