The DUNA Group completes the renewal of the ISO 9001 certification for all the Group Companies, proving the high quality standards applied worldwide. Certified as DUNA foreign subsidiary since 2020, DUNA-Emirates for the first time achieves independent ISO 9001 certification

The DUNA Group is proud to announce the renewal of the ISO 9001:2015 certification for all its subsidiaries around the world. After the renewals of DUNA-Corradini and DUNA-USA at the end of 2023, DUNA-Emirates, the production plant based in the Free Zone of Fujairah, has also seen reconfirmed its Quality Management System’s Certification. The ISO 9001 standard represents a totally voluntary choice, a commitment to the constant monitoring of business processes aimed at guaranteeing product excellence, quality of service and maximum attention to customer satisfaction.

The ambitious project to have all production sites certified, undertaken by the Group since 2019, has led to add to the italian Heaquarter DUNA-Corradini certification (from 1998), also the ISO approval for DUNA-USA in 2019 and DUNA-Emirates in 2020. A significant investment, totally voluntary and not for granted, essential to present ourselves as reliable and top-class partner towards the main markets and international players.

So far always certified as foreign branch of DUNA-Corradini, DUNA-EMIRATES has decided to undertake this year for the first time an autonomous certification process, obtaining a certificate independent from the Headquarters, as proof of the strategic importance acquired in its reference markets. The certification, obtained in April 2024 by Bureau Veritas – DUBAI Branch, an internationally recognized local certification body, confirms the high quality standards applied by DUNA-Emirates since 2011, the year of its foundation.

"The ISO 9001 Certification, obtained by DUNA-Emirates in 2020 and always reconfirmed since then, demonstrates our constant commitment to operate in full compliance with the product quality and service standards adopted by the Headquarters DUNA-Corradini" underlines Soufiane Rharib, General Manager of DUNA-Emirates "The decision to undertake, for the first time this year, the independent ISO 9001 certification process it is driven by the desire to enhance the significant technological investments and growth made as reference partners for the main markets and clients in the Middle and Far East"

The recent renewal of ISO 9001 for all DUNA subsidiaries is part of the broader Group's certification project, which culminated in the achievement of ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certification for the Soliera Headquarters. DUNA's commitment to the adoption of an ethical and sustainable business model is finally demonstrated by the Code of Ethics, an internal voluntary adopted Regulation, issued by DUNA Shareholders and Board of Directors to point the values and principles that must guide business processes and the conduct of all Collaborators towards Stakeholders. Adopted in 2014 and recently revised, this Code of Conduct applies across all DUNA subsidiaries worldwide.

For more info on the certifications obtained by the Group and the Code of Ethics by Duna, please visit our Ethics web page

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