TEO: the biodegradable and compostable AIR IN PLACE next-generation film

DUNA-Corradini is always looking for innovative solutions to improve the performances of its own products that often translate into greater effectiveness in thermal insulation and therefore in the protection of energy resources in the most varied applications.
It’s in DUNA’s Dna to observe the world changing, and to orientate its R&D as well as the strategies within the supply chain towards increasingly sustainable solutions that guarantee, at the same time, high performances. Have you ever wondered what is the energy cost of a product that arrives damaged at it’s destination? Maybe in another continent?
For the DUNAPACK Division, born exclusively to the conception, production and marketing of complete packaging solutions, the theme of sustainability has been translated into dedicated strategies.

TEO is the latest product of the DUNAPACK Division which takes its origin from the constant tension to pursue excellence in sustainability.

TEO is a new generation film compatible with all models of AIP machines. It is also certified as compostable according to the UNI-EN 13432 standard, established in 2002 to protect consumers from the misinformation generated by the improper use that sometimes has been associated to the term “compostable” until few years ago.

As officially stated in the European legislation, TEO is certified as a biodegradable and compostable product because the 90% of its mass can be transformed by microorganisms into carbon dioxide, water, minerals and biomass within six months of its disposal.
To obtain the certification, all compost must be non-ecotoxic. TEO is free of plasticizers and GMO’s. The same inks we use for printing are non-toxic.

United we stand, divided we fall: the sustainability of TEO is combined with that of the AIR In PLACE system or the filling of the cushions made with the most ecological existing material: the air!

This strategic union guarantees a solution with a very low environmental impact together with the simplest management of waste, guaranteeing the effectiveness that has always distinguished the DUNAPACK systems. The packaging with TEO film can be disposed through the urban collection of organic moisture.

TEO is the result of a clear vision that translates into daily research of new solutions to accompany the developements of today and tomorrow. At DUNA we are convinced that the realization of effective and sustainable solutions are not only possible, but represent a duty of everyone.

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