Energy efficiency and sustainability have taken the stage at R+T EXPO 2024, the international trade fair dedicated to window and door frames, and solar shading systems, held from 19 to 23 February at Stuttgart Messe (DE). First official participation of DUNA-Corradini (Stand C61 - Hall 10) as the Italian specialist in the production of polyurethane foams, formulated PU systems and PU adhesives for building applications

First official attendance of DUNA-Corradini at R+T EXPO 2024, the international Trade Show for door and window frames and solar shading systems just ended at Stuttgart Messe DE (19 - 23 February). R+T Stüttgart proved to be a strategic opportunity to present to European professionals all the PUR solutions developed by DUNA for thermal building insulation.

Lately the Construction world has increasingly focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and the buildings’ living quality. Same goals shared by DUNA-Corradini, the specialized partner for the production of PUR/PIR foams and formulated systems for thermal insulation and structural reinforcement in residential and commercial projects.

On our Booth (C61-Hall10) we presented the DUNA solutions developed to ensure excellent thermal insulation of window and door frames, shutters and composite panels, minimizing the thermal dispersion.

Main focus on CORALIGHT® 600, the new high-density PUR boards from Upcycling, made with over 85% recycled polyurethane through the recovery of secondary processing products. Compliant with the GPP Criteria and characterized by excellent insulating and structural reinforcement properties, CORALIGHT® 600 represents the ideal solution for the construction of high-performance windows and doors with low environmental impact. Available in customized boards and special items, CORALIGHT® 600 prevents thermal bridges and heat loss in door and window systems, insulated monobloc systems, thresholds and window sills.

On our booth at R+T EXPO we also presented real applications of the CORAFOAM® line, PUR and PIR foams for thermal insulation and structural reinforcement of door and window systems, sandwich panels and other composite structures, available in a wide range of densities (35-600 kg/m3) and easily processed in customized boards and special pieces,

To support greater size and complexity construction and industrial sites, DUNA has developed DUNAPOL® S, spray polyurethane systems for the seamless insulation of ceilings, walls, attics and all curved or irregular surfaces. The perfect adhesion to any substrate and the speed and ease of execution ensure an excellent result, without joints and thermal bridges. The DUNAPOL® C range, on the other hand, offers PU injection systems for the thermal insulation of window frames, roller shutters and door and window systems. Available in multiple formulations, these systems comply with the GPP Criteria as are characterized by low environmental impact (ODP = 0, GWP < 1).

Finally, DUNA solutions comprises DUNAPOL® AD lIne, structural solvent-free polyurethane adhesives for construction and industrial use. Available in a wide range of formulations, single or two-component, with adjustable reaction speed and variable rheology, DUNA adhesives guarantee perfect adhesion to any substrate and support every application.

R+T EXPO gave us the opportunity to meet the main international players of Construction world and discuss the latest needs and ambitions of Window and Door design.

Thanks to all those who visited us on our Booth – to be relived through the dedicated Gallery

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