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DUNA & Business Ethics at the time of COVID-19


Dear Supplier and Partner,

We are navigating through times of deep uncertainty and liquidity crisis, arisen from the current health emergency and lockdown that has very much affected our country, Italy. We wish to share some considerations regarding the economic, financial but also social role played by companies, even more important in this extraordinary context.

In such a delicate moment, we believe that the participation of both individuals and companies is fundamental to join their forces in facing the emergency.

At DUNA’s we have always stood out for reliability in fulfilling our commitments and we will continue sponsoring this ethical behaviour even during those hard times for economy. We confirm herewith that we are granting the punctuality of every due payment to Suppliers and Partners, while meeting all fiscal deadlines as well.

DUNA-USA and DUNA-Emirates are sponsoring the same approach in their own markets.

This is meant to be our tangible contribution to the cooperation between companies, to the benefit of all business activities, international supply chains and of our countries’ whole economic systems.

Jeopardizing the agreed Suppliers’ deadlines would lead to a chain reaction that we are in no way willing to support.

We wish you and your family serenity, health and a Merry Easter, hoping in a possibly imminent recovery.

Buona Pasqua!


Marta Ing. Brozzi                                                                   Dott. Alberto Gherpelli

President & CEO                                                                   CFO

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