NEWS from the CEO

Dear Customer, Supplier or Partner,

 As you very likely have heard, the Italian government has been undertaking more and more restrictive measures in the last few weeks in order to fight and contain the spreading of Covid-19.

This rapid escalation of interventions was taken to minimize the spreading of the virus that is affecting most of the world.

 At the moment, in Italy, there are restrictions in place regarding movements of people and gathering in large groups. Schools in some areas have been closed for weeks already.

Thus, public and private organizations as companies shall operate, provided they are fully compliant with very restrictive hygienical and behavioral rules.

Restrictions does not apply to transport of goods all over the country and abroad.

 I am proud to say that we have two task-force teams in place which have been delivering great ideas and implementing amazing plans. The result of such hard work is that we are fully compliant since the very beginning with the most stringent regulations which Italy adopted in this period. We are working in a safe environment and all promptly respect any rule communicated. This basically means that we respect each other, our Customers, our Suppliers and people who really are at risk and need us safe and productive. Our plant in Modena -Italy- is open and operating as usual at full speed, despite the extra effort needed to manage this evolving situation at best.

 But we actually did much more than what regulations indicated. DUNA and its Task Forces have put in place a large plan pursuing three main purposes. The first is to keep all DUNA’s personnel and partners safe and secure. The second goal is to guarantee normal operations to offices, production departments, supply chain and deliver the usual quality of products and services to all our Customers worldwide. The third target is a common target for all European citizens and countries: to give our concrete contribution in order to win Coronavirus and gain back our renowned social life. We miss “La Piazza”, btw!

 Our plants in Texas, Michigan and United Arab Emirates are also all open and 100% operative, thus undertaking preventive measures as well.

 We thank you for all the messages of support that You sent us. We really appreciated it.


Best Regards,

Marta Brozzi

President & CEO

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