DUNAPACK® wishes Happy Easter to all its Collaborators and Partners. Like every year, the Soliera Headquarter has been easter-themed decorated with fun eco-friendly bunnies made of CORALIGHT® 600

Easter holidays, time to devote to rest, family and delights, to get back to 2023 projects even more motivated. DUNAPACK® wishes all its Collaborators and Partners a Happy Easter!

Once again this year, the DUNAPACK® TEAM committed to decorate the Soliera Headquarters with a nice family of sustainable Bunnies, made of CORALIGHT® 600 (the new polyurethane boards obtained by UpCycling) and colored with the DUNAPOX BLU SEA 125 sealer, epoxy resin added with various pigments for the occasion

Happy Easter to all of you and a heartfelt thanks to our Team for the constant commitment and undeniable creativity!

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