DUNAPACK® BEE: Maximum Protection, even for small Volumes

Bee is the new proposal of DUNAPACK® Foam-In-Place (FIP) designed for customers who do not renounce the maximum protection for their products.
The idea and creation of this machine arises from the active listening to the tipical SME of excellence and expression of the best “Made in Italy” which exports high added-value products all over the world which can not, and does not, renounce the versatility and performances that distinguish the FIP system.

How it works:
Bee is a “small & smart” table machine which is compact and small in size. It is connected to the civil energy grid and it does not need compressed air. It is therefore easy to place and can be used even in limited-space warehouses.
Extremely intuitive and easy to use, BEE requires minimal ordinary maintenance, both in terms of time and necessary skills.
Another important feature consists in the usage of “plug & playbags available in various formats, each one is identified by BEE through a specific barcode. This allows BEE to self-program and deliver the proper quantity of product for the wished packaging, maximizing the protective efficiency while eliminating any waste.

It offers maximum simplicity of use and maintenance that maximize the reliability, making it possible to create packaging on demand with excellent protection and locking performances, typical of Foam In Place solutions.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y27kHSZB9DE&t=14s

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