DUNAPACK® AIP 040: the evolution of AIR-IN-PLACE

The DUNAPACK® Division is proud to present AIP 040, the latest addition to the AIR-In-PLACE (AIP) family, which is the result of an intense re-engineering process of the previous AIP 030 version.
The main innovations are the new icon software that improves the human-machine experience by making it easier, more intuitive and increasing the simplicity of use.
AIP 040 is particularly suitable for transport and logistics companies and for e-commerce operators who typically use filling and air-blocking system for their packing and shipping.

How it works:
The new AIP 040 version is more compact and lighter than the previous one. Inside the machine there is a chip reader (RFID tag) that immediately recognizes the type of pre-cut and pre-stamped film and it self programs with respect to the proper quantity of air to introduce into the bearing.
The AIP 040 can also be programmed for the production of automatic filling cycles customized for the creation of predefined buffers of ready-to-use packaging.
A photocell also allows for the monitoring the filling level of the trolley basket next to the AIP 040 and communicating with it in order to constantly maintain the desired amount of packaging ready to use. Moreover, AIP 040 is designed both for reels and reams of film.

The AIP system associated with reams replacing the classic reels, offers significant time savings in machine management, significantly affecting the operations involved in replacing the reel.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4lYHTGcw9s&t=22s

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