DUNA anticipates the Italian decree on the Green Pass and invests in training

Any access to the Modena plant is subject to the presentation of the green certification as early as September 7th, well in advance if compared to the Italian governmental decree, an anticipation in the name of the protection of its employees and territory.

Starting from September 7th, everybody entering our Italian plant needs to show his Green Pass: the validity is checked via the app "VerificaC19", and the control is operated by external staff during the busiest hours, and reception in the remaining opening hours.

But let’s go with order: information and confrontation, first of all.
On August 31st, a few days before we introduced the green certification requirement, DUNA has stopped its production lines and offices, in rotation, to allow each employee to participate in a series of meetings arranged to share the state of the art regarding the spread of the virus, the risks associated with it, treatment and vaccination. At the meetings, in addition to the company doctor who technically answered questions and doubts on the subject, two exceptional guests shared with us their experience as ex-Covid patients during the first and second pandemic waves and answered the questions of the audience.

"The decision to introduce the mandatory Green Pass for all -employees, collaborators and external guests- was unanimous within our Task Force, committed to manage the pandemic emergency from early March 2020," says Marta Brozzi, President and CEO. "The employer has the duty to do everything in his power to protect health and safety and thus, indirectly, give his contribution in order to avoid the risk of new outbreaks and closures on the territory".

Satisfaction also from Andrea Corradini, Environment and Safety Manager at DUNA. "The health protocol and the measures we have adopted since the beginning of the pandemic are continually updated according to the evolution of the situation” Andrea comments. “We believe that the vaccine is now the best mean we have to ensure a safe workplace and business continuity", he concludes.

Recently also the government has extended the obligation to show the Green Pass to access all workplaces, both public and private, from October 15th. The aim is to avoid the risk of closures during the autumn season and finally defeat the virus through vaccinations. Our decision, taken and implemented more than a month in advance, encourages us to continue with foresight, attention, and determination in this path of collective struggle against a global event that has been conditioning our personal and professional life for too long.

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