Here a small end-of-year report of DUNA contribution to the May 2023 Romagna Flood Emergency. The DUNA4ROMAGNA funds, raised through the charity lottery during our summer Team event and then twenty-fold by the Company for a total amount of €26,300 will support 3 different reconstruction projects in the area affected by the 2023 Romagna Flood. Meanwhile the contributions donated by DUNA Team to the FLOODING FUND of Confindustria Emilia Centro, twenty-fold once again by the Company for a total of € 23,547.60, were instead given to local projects of proven reliability.

Impossible for the DUNA Team to remain indifferent in the face of the Flood Emergency that hit ROMAGNA in May 2023: straight after the cataclysm, the DUNA Group joined the FLOOD FUND of Confindustria Emilia Centro, in collaboration with CGIL, CISL and UIL Trade Unions to allow Emilian workers to donate the equivalent of one hour of work in favor of the Romagna businesses affected by the flooding. Given the great generosity shown by the DUNA Team, which donated a total of € 1,177.38, the Group Management committed to twenty-fold the donation for a total of € 23,547.60. The DUNA contributions have already been handed over to Confindustria Emilia Centro, which will allocate all the sums raised to proven reconstruction projects in the flooded Romagna area.

Furthermore in July, DUNA has organized the charity event DUNA4ROMAGNA, a special evening dedicated to the DUNA Team to raise funds for the flooded areas. Thanks to the generosity of the DUNA Team (€1,315) and the multiplier contribution of the Company (x20), we were able to raise other €26,300, which we have decided to allocate to three different reconstruction projects:
- € 14,300 have been donated to the Support Structure for the Government Special Commissioner for Reconstruction in the flooded territories of the Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Marche Regions
- € 10,000 went to the Municipality of Dovadola on the Forlì Appennines
- € 2,000 have been given to Casa Novalla (RA)

With the recent establishment of Colonel Figliuolo as Special Commissioner for Reconstruction, all the rescue and reconstruction operations previously managed by the Civil Defense of Emilia-Romagna have passed into the hands of the Support Structure of the Government Special Commissioner for Reconstruction in the flooded territories of the Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Marche Regions. DUNA committed to support it with a contribution of € 14,300, bringing aid to populations, companies and productive activities affected by the flood as well as sustaining the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructures.

Thanks to the valuable report of one of our local customers, we then learnt about the critical situation of the Municipality of DOVADOLA, which we decided to support with a donation of € 10,000. The Municipality of DOVADOLA, visited on several occasions by national institutions, including the President of the Emilia-Romagna Region Bonacini and the Special Commissioner Col. Figliuolo, was seriously affected by the flood due to its position between two river-crossing in the middle Appennines and is still committed to restoring infrastructures, roads and waterways’ proper maintenance, critical for this territory. The DUNA contribution will bolster the securing and reconstruction of the Treggiolo S.S. 67 road, affected by a serious hydrogeological damage and remained inaccessible for months, to the detriment of the production, agricultural and craft activities located on that side.

We also aim to support a caring project, different in size and purpose, naturally vocated to welcome and help others in difficulty, further hindered in its daily action by the recent flood. As a third project, we identified then Casa Novella, the Shelter of the San Giuseppe and Santa Rita ODV Volunteer Association near Castel Bolognese (RA), that since 1992 has been committed to assisting less fortunate or disabled people, providing them with hospitality, training, employment opportunities, psychological and emotional support. With the recent flood, the Shelter has suffered serious damage to furnishings and equipment, necessary for educational and daily activities: the DUNA Group has decided to donate € 2,000 to the Association to support its volunteers in fixing up the Headquarters and restarting assistance activities.

"Faced with yet another emergency, the Romagna Flood, the DUNA Group has decided to take the field again in support of people, companies and economic activities affected in the Romagna area. As always, the DUNA Team has shown great generosity and their contribution has been twentyfold to support together some reconstruction projects of proven reliability, different in size and purpose but equally meritorious" declares Marta Brozzi, President & CEO of the DUNA Group "Donations given to the Support structure to the Government Special Reconstruction Commissioner, the Municipality of Dovadola and the Casa Novella Association aim to contribute to the local recovery and to reaffirm the constant attention of the DUNA Group towards the protection of the Territory and the Community, including those of our Romagna neighbors."

A huge thank to the entire DUNA Team for the great generosity shown for the DUNA4ROMAGNA Fundraising and a wish for a ready recover to populations, companies and businesses affected by the Flood.

A small gesture for a large Community...

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